Client Profile

Our client has been operating cultural tours in Russia, since the early 2000’s. In addition to providing learning and discovery opportunities, they provide an experience that lasts. They are an active member of the tourism Industry.Business Challenge

In recent years, the development of worldwide travel applications has been outstanding. At the same time, due to the fast development of the travel business, it is necessary to offer travelers an enhanced travel platform. In order to support the travel industry to provide services in various ways, an online product is essential. An online travel guide application is to be developed according to the existing limitations of offline tourism.

The development of this feature-rich tourist interaction application involves the creation and development of an android application, web application and an admin CMS panel. The main goal of the application is to provide a wide variety of best places to eat, drink, shop, or visit in any city in the world. The application for the online tourism space is to be able to leverage Geofencing & Geo Targeting to provide the users with information/advertisements, exclusive deals, and show him/her Geo-targeted content.Suretek Solution

In order to achieve a satisfactory result, we conducted a market research on about how geofencing can be used to improve any travel guide application and helps drive revenue and leverage customer insights. The intelligent location-based mobile app is built in order to support location-based campaigns, enabling our client to send push notifications campaigns and design in-app experiences based on precise arrival and departure times of the users. The app empowers our client to reach their users in more advanced ways to drive engagement and conversion.

The intelligent location-based solution leverages geofencing for the most advanced real-time location detection to understand, engage and retain its users. The system relies on a comprehensive geo-awareness engine for mobile marketing automation systems to provide its users with coupons, restaurants based on location, stores/malls based on location and also provide the users with locations for adventures and tourist spots.Suretek’s Contribution & Work Profile

  • We designed & deployed the application for—
  • Tourists: A city guide web app and mobile app where users can search for content and get deals/discounts/promos that the location/city around them has to offer.
  • Content manager/administrator: The staff’s module is provided with the ability for the users to manage advertiser accounts, devices, app content and generate automated reports for each advertising order.
  • Advertisers: The users through this portal can upload advertising banners/collaterals and get reports on advertising performance.
  • We set up an android application which incorporates google maps API to intelligently use the device sensors to accurately detect the location of the device in a battery-efficient way and notify the users with relevant content.
  • We set up an admin CMS panel for the users to manage the content that meets the personalized needs of tourists and monitor the user accounts.
  • The Android application is built with a simple interactive interface that shows a full-page advert with buttons at the side or bottom (landscape, optimized for tablets).
  • The developed geolocation-based mobile app and web app has a user’s location tracking function that allows using this application as a navigation device.
  • Employed the services of Geofencing API to enable useful information to the users in a form of push notifications when they are near an area of interest
  • Integrated a payment solution which is to be used by the advertising party to pay our client to list their restaurants, shops, tourist spots and more with-in the app.
  • We also set up a web app interface that follow the same suit of features developed for the tourists to experience.
  • Setup a standard for advert design requirements (like size and orientation) so that advertisers can easily create their ads.
  • Provided the full page advert the functionality to view information/landing page from the advertiser. The landing page is then set up with a simple contact form for the advertisers to generate qualified leads.
  • Published the Android app on to the android Appstore and the server API is based on RESTful architecture.
  • On the stage of map routing development, the team implemented google map technology as it was demanded by the client and produced a user-friendly and easy-to-use geofencing-based application devoted to the tourism business.

Technologies Used

Xamarin, C#, My SQL, J-Query, Payment Gateway, Google maps API, Geofencing API, Restful APIs.

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