At Creditor Law Group, we realize that if you are dealing with Debt collectors and their lawyers, you may be experiencing harrassment by home telephone, by cell phone, or by mail. If you ARE being harrassed by Debt collectors in an illegal way–Creditor Law Group will partner with you to not only stop the harrassment, but to make things right and  turn the tables–YOU can take THEM to court. First things first: Begin logging your Debt collector phone calls on our Debt collector Call Log NOW. If and when you choose to hire a consumer attorney, detailed notes on a call log will be invaluable.According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Debt collectors must follow very specific rules when they contact you regarding your debt For example:


  • Are Debt collectors calling you before 8 AM or after 9PM?
  • Have Debt collectors been calling you at work, even after being told that it is forbidden by your employer?
  • Is a Debt collector calling you too much, mostly to bother you, upset you, annoy you, harrass you, or abuse you?
  • Has a Debt collector cursed at you? Used obscene language?
  • Have you been threatened? Has a Debt collector threatened to physically harm you or your family? Your property?
  • Has a Debt collector threatened to lie or use false information to make you look bad? (Has your reputation been threatened?)
  • Do Debt collectors always tell you that they are Debt collectors before saying anything else to you when they call? (They are supposed to!)
  • Does every piece of mail that you receive from Debt collectors announce that the piece of mail is from a Debt collector?
  • Have you told the Debt collectors that you are represented by an attorney, but they continue to call you?

By answering these questions during your free consultation at Creditor Law Group, we will determine if you are experiencing Debt collector harrassment as legally defined by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and if you are, Creditor Law Group will work with you to stop the abuse, and possibly file a lawsuit on your behalf against the very Debt collectors that have been harrassing YOU.